Renewable energies

Table of Contents

What is the potential for wind power? Biomass? Solar? Mini-hydro? Ambient heat or deep geothermal energy?

What is meant by “new renewable energies” (NRE)?
Is Switzerland doing well in terms of the use of renewable energies?
Why is the deployment of new renewable energies so complex in Switzerland?
What is the potential of solar energy in Switzerland?
Should thermal or photovoltaic solar installations be preferred?
What is Switzerland’s wind energy potential?
To minimise their impact on the landscape, can we reduce the size of the turbines?
How many wind turbines are needed to replace a nuclear power plant?
Is the sustainable potential of biomass in Switzerland being fully exploited?
Should we produce heat, electricity or biofuels from our biomass?
Will biofuels be blended into gasoline at the pump?
Can small-scale hydropower contribute significantly to the energy transition?
Why is the micro-hydraulics support program being questioned?
What role is there for heat pumps?
Are there any constraints to the installation of heat pumps?
What are the prospects and potential of deep geothermal energy in Switzerland?
Can the risks associated with deep geothermal energy be controlled?
Can new renewable energies replace nuclear power plants?
Are renewable energies competitive?
How much CO2 does renewable energy emit?