Energy supply

Table of Contents

Is our energy supply assured? To what extent do we rely on other countries?

Why does our energy mix contain two-thirds fossil fuels?
Why do our electricity generation and consumption vary during the year, and why are they out of date?
Does Switzerland emit comparatively little CO2 thanks to its very “clean” electricity?
Can we still build dams in Switzerland?
What are the consequences of melting glaciers on our hydroelectric potential?
Can pumped storage increase our domestic electricity production?
Could the operating life of existing nuclear power plants be extended?
What will the consequences on our CO2 emissions be of phasing out nuclear power?
What will Switzerland do with its nuclear waste, and at what cost?
Could nuclear power make a comeback with future generations of reactors?
How energy independent is Switzerland?
How do we ensure our security of supply of petroleum products and natural gas?
How long could Switzerland last without importing energy?
Will our energy independence deteriorate with the phase-out of nuclear power?