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Elaborated by energy specialists from the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, this course addresses the challenges and issues of the Swiss energy transition. It gives to the citizen-consumers citizen-voters basic energy concepts and provides keys to understanding the energy questions.

The course covers in particular the following topics:

  • Geopolitical challenges (security of supply, energy independance, etc.)
  • Role of the various energy sources into the Swiss energy supply
  • Environmental threats (impact on nature and climate)
  • Operational risks (disaster, black-outs, etc.)
  • Opportunity and economic challenges (competitiveness of renewable energies, cost of energy transition, etc.)
  • Technical challenges (potential and limits of energy technologies).

Access to the course is free

The course consists of 24 modules in the form of short videos of about 10 minutes each. On the edX platform (see below), the course also contains a short quiz at the end of each module.

Available videos can be viewed on demand. Everyone can work at their own pace and at a convenient time.

The modules will be uploaded to the site on a weekly basis.

Course participation brings no official recognition or academic credit.

The course can be directly accessed through the link above, or is available in official format MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) from the specialized platform edX.


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