The energy transition

The energy transition has begun; it will continue until 2035 or 2050. 

Today, our energy system is relatively simple: we import gasoline and diesel for our cars, heating fuel and natural gas for our heaters, and we produce electricity in hydroelectric and nuclear power plants.

But the situation has changed. The risks associated with climate change, the spectre of the fossil ressource depletion, the nuclear accident of Fukushima and the geopolitical risks have deeply modified the energy landscape. In this context, Switzerland endeavours to reduce its dependence on fossils fuels, while ceasing to use nuclear energy. 

Whatever the strategy that will be implemented in response to these new challenges, the resulting energy system will be significantly more complex, interconnected and diversified than it is today. 

The energy transition represents an essential step to further ensuring a sustainable, secure and socially fair energy supply to Switzerland, as stipulated by its Constitution. 




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