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Swiss-energyscope explains simply the challenges of the energy transition in 100 questions and answers. These are only available in French and German.

You can order the ebook ou view each answer individually:

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Energy transition

What is the energy transition? What does abandoning nuclear power imply? Are other countries also concerned?

Energy demand

How do we consume energy? For what purpose? Why will our electricity consumption increase?

Energy supply

Is our energy supply assured? To what extent do we rely on other countries?

Energy efficiency

How to do better by consuming less energy? Are energy efficient technologies profitable? Where to start?

Renewable energies

What is the potential for wind power? Biomass? Solar? Mini-hydro? Ambient heat or deep geothermal energy?

Power grid

Is our electricity system adapted to our needs? Why do we export the electricity we generate and import what we consume?

Energy Storage

What progress has been made in terms of energy storage? Should we store heat and cold?

Energy policy

Should we have tax or subsidies? Does the price per kilowatt hour promote new renewable energies?

Phase out of nuclear power

How will we abandon nuclear power? What is the economic and environmental impact of this decision?

Energy Future

How to compose our energy mix? What does the 2000-watt society mean? What are we risking by delaying our answer?

Consequences for citizens

How to reduce our individual consumption? Are we going toward higher electricity prices?


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