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Switzerland must find solutions to secure its energy future, without affecting its quality of life and its prosperity. This website gives the keys to comparing different options, and helps to understand the challenges of the energy transition.

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Elaborate your own energy strategy

Imagine the energy future of Switzerland based on your environmental convictions and socio-economic priorities.

Discover live the implications of your choices for Switzerland. 


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Understand at your own pace

Ten minutes-long lessons allow to comprehend the main challenges related to the Swiss energy transition.

All this, from your home and at your leisure. 

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Consommation énergétique 2014 en baisse de 7,7%

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Les voitures neuves consomment en moyenne 6,11 litres aux 100 km

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Clear answers to your questions

- Is the electric car a relevant option?
- Why does the Swiss electricity consumption keep on increasing?
- How to store electricity from wind and solar ?

questions-reponsesAll the answers to the questions you've always asked yourself about the energy transition. Available online or as a published book.

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